4 Essential Attitudes To Maintain Unity

UnityUnited we stand, divided we fall. Isn’t this very true? We understand the importance of living in unity to accomplish a common goal. But many times, achieving unity is tough when people start to think more about self. God wants us to live in unity. He united us together and made us part of his┬áChurch. Are we continuing to live in the unity which God gifted us? Apostle Paul wrote about four essential attitudes which can help us to maintain unity in the Church of God and these are foundations for the unity in our family as well.

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Finding Purpose In Life

PurposeinlifeHave you ever wondered about your purpose in life? Eventually, we all face this question. When life gets routine and when we start to lose motivation, passion, direction or clarity about the future, we start to think about the purpose of our life. We are not an accidental existence in this world to live without purpose. God has wonderful plans and purpose for our life including our past, present and future. It doesn’t have to be a mystery. Apostle Paul tells us about this plan in the book of Ephesians. Let us read more to find out the purpose in our life.

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Praying For Clarity In Life

prayerclarityDo you have clarity in life? Let us face it, many of us get overwhelmed with uncertainty about future and lot of questions linger in our minds. Our focus gets shifted to the immediate problems and we feel being taken over by the circumstances in life. How can we see clearly in the midst of all that is happening around us? What gives such clarity in life? Let us ponder on these questions in this post.

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