Count your blessings (Part 1)

countyourblessingsMany times we get overwhelmed with all that is going on in life. We don’t take the time to count the blessings God has showered on us. How do you feel if suppose you went through a tough time financially but later found out that you had all the money and more with an inheritance you received but you never really paid attention to it. In fact, it is exactly what many of us do live a life without realizing the riches and blessings we have inherited through Christ. Are we enjoying our inheritance today? Do we know what are these riches?

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Who do we worship?

whodoweworshipAre we worshiping God or do we have any idols in his place? Many times we take exception thinking that we don’t have any idols but the answer depends on what we call as an idol. Anything that robs the place of God is an idol. What is taking his place in our life? John in his closing remark warned about this subject to his audience and this can be a wake up call for us as well.

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