It is not finished until God Says it is finished!

“It is finished”, this was one of the last words Jesus Christ spoke before He died on the cross at Calvary. It is one of the most significant and impactful words for mankind. It is one word in the original language but the weight of these words is incomprehensible. The effect of these words changed the destination for us and restored what was lost in the garden of Eden. Such a profound statement proclaiming victory and completion of why Jesus had come to the earth.

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Our Greatest Need

Greatest NeedWhat is your greatest need in life? Think about it, If this question was asked about 10 or 20 years earlier, what might have been your response? What about after 10 or 20 years from now? Do you think you will have the same response? For many of us, the answer may be different at different stages in life. What if we can ask someone who knows our complete life? You see, We are God’s creation; God knows our greatest need in life and he is more than willing to fulfill the need. In this post, i would like to ponder upon this question of our greatest need in life.

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Quest For Peace

questforpeaceLiving a peaceful life is everyone’s goal. Are we successful in achieving it? Do we have peace? If you have been reading news lately, it is hard to miss the reality we are living every day. We see a state of great turmoil across the world. We see nations raising against nations and people against people. Where do we find peace in this troubled times? What about in our personal life?  Do we have peace within us and with others? In this post, let us read more on this quest for peace.

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Finding Purpose In Life

PurposeinlifeHave you ever wondered about your purpose in life? Eventually, we all face this question. When life gets routine and when we start to lose motivation, passion, direction or clarity about the future, we start to think about the purpose of our life. We are not an accidental existence in this world to live without purpose. God has wonderful plans and purpose for our life including our past, present and future. It doesn’t have to be a mystery. Apostle Paul tells us about this plan in the book of Ephesians. Let us read more to find out the purpose in our life.

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Praying For Clarity In Life

prayerclarityDo you have clarity in life? Let us face it, many of us get overwhelmed with uncertainty about future and lot of questions linger in our minds. Our focus gets shifted to the immediate problems and we feel being taken over by the circumstances in life. How can we see clearly in the midst of all that is happening around us? What gives such clarity in life? Let us ponder on these questions in this post.

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Count your blessings (Part 2)

tulipsWhen something wonderful happens in life, our joy and happiness gets elevated. But overtime when we get used to it, the same things which gave us that joy starts to fade away in value. As a consequence we fail to appreciate all the blessings we have in life. Think about it, we realize the value of good health only when we fall sick, we appreciate all that we have only when we are in need of those blessings. God has blessed us with all that we need but overtime we tend to take it for granted. When we count the blessings in our life, it makes us grateful and helps us to live in content. This is true for spiritual blessings as well. In previous post(Blessings Part 1), we saw the blessings God has shown to us through Christ – Chosen, adopted and accepted. In this post, we will continue to rediscover the riches which God has showered on us.

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Friend or Enemy of God?

4197e-friendenemyDo we prefer to be a friend or an enemy of God? We all prefer to be a friend of God even though the reality may be different. It is obviously a better place to be as friend of God. We have his love, protection, provision, grace etc., Think about an enemy of God. God is all powerful and sovereign over all his enemies. We have read and understood the hopelessness if anyone stands against God. How anyone becomes an enemy of God? James warns about this as one  of the result when we love our desires and it is a shocking truth.