4 Essential Attitudes To Maintain Unity

UnityUnited we stand, divided we fall. Isn’t this very true? We understand the importance of living in unity to accomplish a common goal. But many times, achieving unity is tough when people start to think more about self. God wants us to live in unity. He united us together and made us part of his¬†Church. Are we continuing to live in the unity which God gifted us? Apostle Paul wrote about four essential attitudes which can help us to maintain unity in the Church of God and these are foundations for the unity in our family as well.

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Praying For Spiritual Growth

spiritualgrowthAs we enter in to the new year, it is a time when many of us come up with new year resolutions for our personal and professional growth. We love to grow in all aspects of life and it is certainly important. But how many of us desire for spiritual growth? Many times we don’t consider to evaluate our growth in this area of life. Do you know if you have grown spiritually this year? We know how much dedication, discipline and effort are needed to grow in other areas of life but do we realize¬†what it takes to grow spiritually? Apostle Paul prayed an amazing prayer for spiritual growth for his readers and it can teach us for our growth as well.

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