Praying For Clarity In Life

prayerclarityDo you have clarity in life? Let us face it, many of us get overwhelmed with uncertainty about future and lot of questions linger in our minds. Our focus gets shifted to the immediate problems and we feel being taken over by the circumstances in life. How can we see clearly in the midst of all that is happening around us? What gives such clarity in life? Let us ponder on these questions in this post.

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Guilty of being partial

Guilty of being partialHave you been partial to others? Many of us are guilty of being partial in our life when we tend to selectively talk and give importance to few who are like us and who we like among other fellow brothers and sisters. Most of the times the criteria we use is based on social, economic and other outward standards. Does this sound like we are being partial towards others? The fact is in today’s world, we  have become insensitive to realize that this is partiality. What is the problem with this? Think about it, If God is partial in his love towards us? what will be our condition based on the standards of God? Thank God for he is impartial. James tells us about the dangers of being partial towards others and how we can be free from this condition.

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