Walk the talk

52b3f-walkthetalkLiving by what we say is a core value in life as it is significant for trust and growth in both personal and professional life. When our actions matches our words, people trust us and the cost of not keeping words is expensive. In normal situations most of us try to keep our words. What about when you are pushed to the limits? Do you keep your words? Does it really matter to keep words in such times?

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Friend or Enemy of God?

4197e-friendenemyDo we prefer to be a friend or an enemy of God? We all prefer to be a friend of God even though the reality may be different. It is obviously a better place to be as friend of God. We have his love, protection, provision, grace etc., Think about an enemy of God. God is all powerful and sovereign over all his enemies. We have read and understood the hopelessness if anyone stands against God. How anyone becomes an enemy of God? James warns about this as one  of the result when we love our desires and it is a shocking truth.

Fights and disputes

5a0d2-fightsdisputesWe see fights and disputes part of everyday life. We read in news, see in families and across nations. Sometimes it gets out of control and people go to extremes. When we see the motive behind these conflicts, selfish desire is the most common factor. Everyone has their own agenda to follow and we get frustrated when we don’t get what we need resulting in fights and disputes. Let us see what James tells us the reason behind it and the way out of it.

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Impact of our words

54a51-impactofwordsOur words have significant and lasting impact on others. It has the power to break or make a person. We have been blessed and also scarred for years by words spoken into our life. Even though we realize this, sometimes, we are the one who hurt others. This impact gets multiplied when we are in a position where many listen to our words. We are the teachers and leaders in our family, in our offices, in small groups, in churches and so on. Do we realize the impact it can create in others life? do we speak words building up others? or are we trying to take back words after it is too late? How successful are we in controlling the words in our life?

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Do we act on what we believe?

ad893-actonbelief1How do we know if we really believe on something? We act on that belief. One of the common problems we face in our everyday walk as a follower of Christ is failing to act on what we believe. Most of us will strongly claim that we believe in bible and have faith in Jesus. What do our actions tells us? Are we responding obediently to the word of God? or Are we filling empty words instead of actions? Is our faith alive or dead? James asks us to examine the state of our faith.

Guilty of being partial

Guilty of being partialHave you been partial to others? Many of us are guilty of being partial in our life when we tend to selectively talk and give importance to few who are like us and who we like among other fellow brothers and sisters. Most of the times the criteria we use is based on social, economic and other outward standards. Does this sound like we are being partial towards others? The fact is in today’s world, we  have become insensitive to realize that this is partiality. What is the problem with this? Think about it, If God is partial in his love towards us? what will be our condition based on the standards of God? Thank God for he is impartial. James tells us about the dangers of being partial towards others and how we can be free from this condition.

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