Living a fruitful life (Part 2)

LivingafruitfullifeThe Bible says the word of God is a seed. It has life and can produce fruits when planted in our lives. Are you planting this seed and bearing fruits or living a superficial spiritual life without any fruits? In the last post – Living a fruitful life (Part 1), we saw how we need to prepare our hearts and receive God’s word. Let’s continue the remaining part in this post.

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Amazing Faith

amazingfaithMany of us love to be spectators in life and satisfied being in the audience. This applies to our faith as well. We love to be marveled about God but never move further in real faith. We are content with our amazement and continue to be spectators of God’s blessings. Are you a spectator or an active participant in faith?

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Victorious Life

VictoriouslifeWe are called to live a victorious life. A life which glorifies our creator. We cannot be victorious unless we overcome something. We do have battles to fight and strongholds to conquer. Many of us prefer to ignore this reality of conflict and state of war. We face setbacks in our spiritual journey, but do not realize that there is an enemy working behind those failures. God has called us to be victorious through Jesus Christ. He gave us all provisions to be conquerors. It will be beneficial to realize the reality of our battle and the provisions God has given us to be victorious.

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