Balanced Parenting

balancedparentingChildren are a blessing and a gift from God. Parents are granted privilege in bringing up children. It is a fulfilling experience but can also be hard at the same time. Many struggle to find the right balance between being authoritative and being permissive in parenting. We tend to over do and end up in either of the extreme. Overtime, this can have negative impact. How can we balance this in parenting? Let us read from Apostle Paul’s advice on this topic.

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4 Essential Attitudes To Maintain Unity

UnityUnited we stand, divided we fall. Isn’t this very true? We understand the importance of living in unity to accomplish a common goal. But many times, achieving unity is tough when people start to think more about self. God wants us to live in unity. He united us together and made us part of his┬áChurch. Are we continuing to live in the unity which God gifted us? Apostle Paul wrote about four essential attitudes which can help us to maintain unity in the Church of God and these are foundations for the unity in our family as well.

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