It is not finished until God Says it is finished!

“It is finished”, this was one of the last words Jesus Christ spoke before He died on the cross at Calvary. It is one of the most significant and impactful words for mankind. It is one word in the original language but the weight of these words is incomprehensible. The effect of these words changed the destination for us and restored what was lost in the garden of Eden. Such a profound statement proclaiming victory and completion of why Jesus had come to the earth.

We can better understand the significance of these words compared with the Coronavirus situation around the world today. The whole world is impacted by Coronavirus. This is an unprecedented time to live. Thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands are fighting the disease. Major countries are in a lockdown of all non-essential services. The world is at a standstill. There are a lot of people working to find a vaccine for this dreadful virus. Every day, we keep hearing in the news that they are working night and day to find the cure but might even take a year to come up with the vaccine. What is the one thing we want to hear from the scientists in this situation? We want to hear “It is finished”. What a relief it would be for the whole world if there was a medicine to prevent getting infected by this virus. What a powerful moment that will be to hear! “It is finished, the vaccine is ready“, says the scientists will be the headlines all over the world.

If these words have so much meaning and impact in today’s context. Think about the magnitude of these words “It is finished”, when Jesus said. Jesus Christ came for a divine purpose. He came to search and save the lost. He came to free us from the bondage of sin. He came to overcome death and rise again. He came to save us from eternal death and give us eternal life. He came to give himself as a sacrifice for our sins and give us forgiveness. He restored our relationship with our heavenly Father. He made us walk in His light and called us to be the light for the darkened world. He came to give us a victorious life for His glory. He came to make us a new creation; He did all these and more at the cross. He accomplished 100% of His purpose on the cross for each one of us. It is finished by Jesus; not by our works or by our righteousness. All these amazing purposes are condensed in these words “It is finished”. If we believe in him, these words are a reality in our lives. Amen!

Words have so much power when said by the right person at the right time. You see, when Jesus Christ said “It is finished” on the cross, there were many others in the scene of Calvary who might have said the same words. But, they might have meant “It was finished for Jesus”. It was over from their perspective. Let’s see these words from their perspective.

On seeing Jesus nailed on the cross going through such agony and facing death. Satan might have been thinking, it was finished for Jesus. It was over for God’s plan to redeem the world. God had sent his son to redeem the world but look at what happened. It was over. Just like many of the prophets and saints God had sent in the old testament, the Son of God was also not able to accomplish and failed like everyone. “It is finished” thought satan and he can now continue to reign and keep humans in the bondage of sin and death. No one is ever going to redeem them away from him.

Religious leaders thought it was finished for Jesus. They thought Jesus was a threat to the religious establishment and wanted to kill Jesus. On seeing Jesus on the cross, they thought it was finished for Jesus. No one will ever talk about Jesus after seeing His dreadful death. No one will ever raise their voice against the religious leaders. No one will call out their hypocrisy and they can continue to make people live in religious bondage rather than having real faith & relationship with God.

People of Israel gathered around the cross might have thought it was finished for Jesus. There were mixed crowds at Calvary. Some might have known Jesus and some just came to witness the death sentence of a stranger. Some of them were impacted by Jesus’ ministry; by his teaching; they might have been healed by Jesus. They might have looked at Jesus as a good prophet and a good man who taught good teachings but his life was going to be over. All of the hope he gave us about the kingdom of God was over. Some of the other groups were even mocking at Jesus. Everyone might have thought it was finished.

People who were very close to Jesus thought it was finished. The apostles, friends and even the family of Jesus, they too thought it was finished. Most of the apostles were on the run and trying to escape. Mary the mother of Jesus was there crying for her son. She might have been thinking about the promise Gabriel the angel gave to her. He gave an extraordinary promise but her son was about to die. She may have thought it was finished, so does most of them at the scene of Calvary.

You see, everyone thought it was finished for Jesus. But, God had a different plan. Jesus came to the world for a divine purpose given by the Father. Jesus knew exactly what He was supposed to do. So many times in the ministry, Jesus reiterated on fulfilling His Father’s purpose. He lived obediently to do that purpose and submitted it to the Father. He finished that purpose and victoriously proclaimed “It is finished”. From the eyes of others, it might have looked like such a horrific death and Jesus’ life was taken off very young in a violent manner and He was not able to accomplish His life’s purpose. The heavenly reality was so different. Isn’t it? You see, only God can say when it is finished. Nothing else matters. No one else’s words matter; words from satan, religious leaders, family or friends. Only when God says it is finished, It is actually finished.

Satan thought it was finished, but it was finished for him. Jesus stepped on his head victoriously. He purchased us with His life from the bondage of the devil. He gave freedom to everyone who believes in Him. He overcame death and gave eternal life. God forgave our sins through His Son’s sacrifice. The purpose was fulfilled just as God planned. When religious leaders thought it was finished and no one will ever remember about Jesus. It was just the starting. More than 2000 years, here we are meditating Jesus’ words and having a relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ, which the religious leaders were not able to comprehend. When the believers, friends, family & apostles thought their hope was gone but it was actually fulfilled. It was the end of the beginning. It was the hope of life forever. Everyone thought It was finished for Jesus. But, it is finished only when God says it is finished. Nothing else matters. Amen!

You see, in our lives too. There are times when we face tough circumstances coming up against us. We might have been overwhelmed with worry and fear. Every day might have been filled with pain. Circumstances may look scary and they might even look like “It is finished”. There may be people coming up against us doing all sorts of things to put us down and thinking “It is finished” for us. Satan might be using the circumstances and thinking it is finished for us and mocking at us. Maybe our well-meaning friends and even families may look at us and think it is finished for us. Even we might think it is finished on seeing our circumstances and think there is no hope. You see, it is not finished until God says it is finished. It is not finished until God fulfills His purpose in our lives.

We are created for a purpose. We are chosen before the foundations of the earth for His glory. We have a purpose to fulfill. Circumstances might look miserable but God is above circumstances. Just as Jesus trusted the Father going through pain and suffering. We need to trust God to fulfill His purpose in our lives. The same Holy Spirit who was in Jesus is given to us to strengthen us to fulfill the purpose. He is more than sufficient to make us victorious. Lets us remind ourselves that only our creator has the power and authority to say it is finished. God’s word is the only one that matters for each one of us. Nothing else matters; not our circumstances, people, satan or even our thinking matters. It is not finished until God says it is finished! Amen!

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