Praying For Spiritual Growth

spiritualgrowthAs we enter in to the new year, it is a time when many of us come up with new year resolutions for our personal and professional growth. We love to grow in all aspects of life and it is certainly important. But how many of us desire for spiritual growth? Many times we don’t consider to evaluate our growth in this area of life. Do you know if you have grown spiritually this year? We know how much dedication, discipline and effort are needed to grow in other areas of life but do we realize what it takes to grow spiritually? Apostle Paul prayed an amazing prayer for spiritual growth for his readers and it can teach us for our growth as well.

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Becoming God’s Dwelling Place

gods_dwellingIt is that time of the year when we can feel the season of Christmas in the air. The reason is to celebrate the birth of Christ. It was the time when God dwelt among people. What a wonderful place it will be if God is with us! In his presence we have fullness of joy, peace, hope and love. We all long to have a little more of these in our lives. Jesus said he is going to be with us all the time. Don’t we love to be in a place where God’s resides? In the book of Ephesians, We can read more about God’s dwelling place and how can we become part of it.

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Quest For Peace

questforpeaceLiving a peaceful life is everyone’s goal. Are we successful in achieving it? Do we have peace? If you have been reading news lately, it is hard to miss the reality we are living every day. We see a state of great turmoil across the world. We see nations raising against nations and people against people. Where do we find peace in this troubled times? What about in our personal life?  Do we have peace within us and with others? In this post, let us read more on this quest for peace.

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