Necessity for brotherly love

brotherlyloveGod showed us his amazing love and called us to be his children. How can we know if we are living as a child of God? Just like children reflecting parents character, in the family of God there is this character of loving our brothers and sisters in Christ which is reflected from God and shared in the family. This shows that we are the children of God. How many of us really live by this as a child of God? Do we realize the necessity of brotherly love? Where can we learn this from? What are the blessings when we show genuine brotherly love?

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Discerning Truth from Error

discernDo you think you will be able to differentiate the weight difference between two objects? What if both are similar objects? Study shows that we can identify the difference when there is atleast 2 percent weight difference. We are living in times when false teachings are devised to look just like the truth but twisting the fundamentals of faith. The margin looks small for many to identify the truth from error. As Spurgeon rightly pointed out, we need to be able to discern truth from almost truth. Are we able to discern truth from error when we hear it? How can we identify and equip against such false teachings?

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Growing in Faith

GrowinginfaithWe love to grow in all aspects of life and take actions for the growth. Think about in our profession, how do we rate ourself? beginner, intermediate or an expert. We know the category we are in and know what is needed to move from one to the next level. Do we expect similar growth in our faith? Are we growing ? Do we know the category we are in and how to grow further?

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