Blessed Assurance

BlessedAssuranceDo you know Christ personally? How do you know that you really know him? These questions are vital to realize where do we stand in our walk as a professing christian. We need to know the true state to have assurance that we really know him in a personal relationship. This assurance gives us peace, joy, confidence in our walk and hope at all times. Do you have this blessed assurance?  How can we know for sure that we have a real fellowship with Jesus?

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Missing Joy?

missingjoyMany of us do realize and accept that God gives the fullness of joy when we have real fellowship with him.  In previous post (Fullness of joy), we read what John told about how to get this complete joy. After reading this text, we may wonder why then many do not have this joy? How many people we know are living in this fullness? If you answer  honestly, it will be few. John has stated few of the reasons which will help us to know on why don’t we have this complete joy.

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Fullness of Joy

Fullness of JoyEveryone loves to live a life full of joy and pursue in different ways to find it. We are living in a culture of “do what makes you happy” and people try everything to get happiness. Many of those gives a feeling of temporary happiness but fades away with time. Where do you stand in your quest for happiness? Do you have complete joy in your life? In 1 John 1, John outlines where we can get the fullness of joy and what is preventing us.

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Walk the talk

52b3f-walkthetalkLiving by what we say is a core value in life as it is significant for trust and growth in both personal and professional life. When our actions matches our words, people trust us and the cost of not keeping words is expensive. In normal situations most of us try to keep our words. What about when you are pushed to the limits? Do you keep your words? Does it really matter to keep words in such times?

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Friend or Enemy of God?

4197e-friendenemyDo we prefer to be a friend or an enemy of God? We all prefer to be a friend of God even though the reality may be different. It is obviously a better place to be as friend of God. We have his love, protection, provision, grace etc., Think about an enemy of God. God is all powerful and sovereign over all his enemies. We have read and understood the hopelessness if anyone stands against God. How anyone becomes an enemy of God? James warns about this as one  of the result when we love our desires and it is a shocking truth.